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Mason works to perfect his unique artistic abilities and techniques. Along with art, he underwent medical instruction in gross anatomy, cell biology, and surgical techniques.  Having these foundations allows for further growth in his future as a medical illustrator.


Mason Goth is originally from the middle of Missouri in a town called Clinton. Where he began to draw the human figure from life and comic books. Trying to capture the correct anatomy and proportions he emulated the muscles from different angles, as well as study how the muscles stretch and react to one another. Filling up sketchbooks with anatomical drawings to further his understanding of the human construct.


Earning his BFA at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, where he majored in illustration with a strong focus on figure study. This brought another level of understanding to the figure along with the names of anatomical structures. After graduation he worked as a framer in an art store where he learned how to present artwork in a more professional manner. 


At Augusta University he learned new traditional techniques to provide context toward the human body in shape, volume, and function. Along with art, his interest in surgery provided an outlet for his artistic talents. Surgery being a fast paced but relaxed experience, allowed Mason to understand and interpret anatomy in person. This first-hand experience in surgery opened the doors for a more professional conversation about procedures and tools with surgeons.  

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